Rental: Antari SW-250 snow machine, excl. fluid

The S-250 is a completely digitalized snow machine with on board DMX and wireless control. 


TheS-250 is a completely digitalized snow machine with on board DMX and wireless control. Compared to its predecessors (S-200) it’s snow output is increased about 250 % at maximum. In addition time and snow volume control functions allow you to control the machine to get any required snow effect even more accurately. No doubt that the S-250 is the best answer to all kinds of snow effects requests.

With all the advantages of S-100X and S-200X, the SW-250 is the enhanced version of Antari’s snow machine series.Equipped with the easy-to-use LCD control panel which allows users to set the snow output volume and timing much more precisely by selecting output percentage and duration time, the SW-250 gets rid of the cable control by making the wireless control system the standard accessory.

The snow machine can be activated and deactivated simply by a touch on the W-1 transmitter thanks to the convenience of the wireless control system. Now it’s possible to have the effects from a touch of snowflakes to real blizzard exactly as what you expected whenever needed all year round without waiting! 


– Input voltage: 220V
– Rated power: 880W
– Fluid consumption: 140ml/min
– Fluid tank capacity: 5L
– Operating time: 35min at max output
– Control: DMX / manual
– DMX channels: 1 channel