Rental: Galaxis 100 channel matrix board

Galaxis 100 channel matrix board


–  Absolutely waterproof (IP67) extension module for the PFE Advanced 10 Outputs
–  Molded in robust and resistant silicone
–  Available with 50 or 100 Outputs
–  Gold plated terminals for quick-fastening clamps offer best conductivity
–  Integrated, high-brightness firing LEDs on each output for fast testing
–  Precise resistance measurement for each individual output
–  Output numbers perfectly readable
–  Individual programming of all outputs
–  Fast and dynamic step sequences with all outputs possible


Outputs:                                                                       100
Assignment of firing cues without any restrictions:            Yes, 1-999
Firing voltage:                                                               24 V
Firing current:                                                               50 A, 17 A continuous current
Firing LED for each output:                                             Yes
Source of firing energy:                                                  rechargeable battery

Max. firing rate:                                                             100 firings / second
Housing:                                                                        circuit board casted in silicone rubber

Dimensions Matrix Module 100 Outputs:                           340 x 225 x 50 mm

Net Weight Matrix Module 100 Outputs:                            2,600 g


Additional information

Weight 2,76 kg