Rental: Galaxis G-Flame incl. aerosol adapter & XXL nozzle

The Galaxis G-Flame is a very versatile flame effect that offers a number of interesting features. It can be used both indoors and outdoors for any special effect application. Compared to other systems on the market, the G-Flame generates a significantly higher and fuller flame giving the effect a much nicer overall appearance. The noise of the G-Flame is very low, making it ideal for stages and TV work. As for the fuel, the G-Flame can be connected to a propane bottle or can store up to 2 cartridges inside the machine. With a built-in battery the G-Flame can even be used completely wireless.


The Galaxis G-Flame is a new type of flame projector which is extremely versatile in indoor, outdoor and special effects applications and is equipped with numerous features. In comparison to other products on the market, the Galaxis flame effect devices achieve much higher flame heights and a much fuller and therefore more beautiful flame pattern with a low noise level (, making it ideal for stages or TV work. Numerous control variants are available and in addition to the wired DMX512, wireless DMX receivers can also be powered via the XLR connection. This means that no power supplies, batteries or rechargeable batteries are required for the DMX receivers. All components are housed in a very stable, powder-coated aluminum housing.


Galaxis G Flame manual.pdf

Galaxis G Flame manual.pdf