Rental: Galaxis L-flame pump station (max. 3 flame heads per pump station)

Galaxis L-Flame Pump Station (max. 3 flame heads per pump station)


Up to three Flame Heads can be connected
No mains power required, thanks to integrated battery solution with up to 90 h standby time
DMX input and output with loop-through of the signal to up all Flame Heads and additional devices
Rugged, power coated aluminum housing, protected against rainwater
Operation with Isopar L, IPA or Ethanol
All internal hydraulic pressure connections made with stainless steel tubes
Integrated aluminum tank with 17.5 liters capacity
Electronic tank level measurement with exact percentage value
Multiple fine filters integrated to prevent leaking magnetic valves and pump failures
Equipped with unsusceptible Flat-Face quick couplers
High-end waterproof electrical connectors
Bidirectional data connection between Pump Station and Flame Heads for system monitoring, data exchange and extremely fast reaction times when re-pumping
Very powerful pumps for autonomous operation without compressed gases
Leak-proof aluminum tray integrated in the housing with liquid sensor for leakage detection
Additional pressure monitoring of the internal system for leakage detection
Two tank overfill sensors
Numerous, automatic safety shutdowns (Fail Safe)
High-contrast, illuminated LC display with plain text and various status LEDs
Convenient menu navigation with operation via magnetic pen
Integrated pump self-test function
Function for back-flushing the filters and for venting the system
Protection against dry-running of the pumps
Stop of the flame generation before fallout occurs due to lack of fuel
Prepared for operation with the Galaxis Refuel Station


Dimensions: 660 x 402 x 407 mm

Net weight: 55 kg