Rental: Hazebase The FAB, 19″ cased hazer, 500W

The hazer revolution! THE FAB is used to generate haze. Thus, the atmospheric effect can be created, which is necessary for an appealing light show.


Due to the adjustability of pump capacity, fan speed and angle of attack of the two air baffles, almost any desired haze density can be generated. A newly developed vegan, highly concentrated fluid is used. This produces the finest droplets with maximum lifetime in the air.

Its two extremely quiet and adjustable fans allow it to be used in areas where ambient noise is a nuisance.



– 5 seconds heat up time
– 500W
– Haze density 1-100% controllable TFT-Display
– Integrated 2-port switch
– 2 motorized controllable air leading metals Fluids: base*V

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 55 × 54 × 13,5 cm

Hazebase The Fab manual.pdf