Rental: Magic FX Swirlfan XL

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The Swirlfan XL is designed to create a silent storm of confetti. 


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The new Swirlfan XL is designed to create a silent storm of confetti. The Swirlfan XL can be mounted in a truss or roof beam. The Swirlfan XL can be easily controlled by connecting the machine(s) to a dimmer or a dimmer pack and using a dmx-512 controller. It’s major advantage is multiple machines can be controlled all together by one operator. The Swirlfan XL can be filled up with 3 kgs of paper confetti or 4 kgs of metallic glitter confetti. When the Swirlfan XL is operating at full speed, the machine will fan out the confetti continuously for approximately 4-6 minutes. It’s also possible to fill the machine with paper snow confetti to create a low noise snow effect. Because it’s low noise fan, the machine is perfect for theatres and television and fashion shows.

Size: Ø 63 cm / Height: 46.5 cm

Weight: 17 kg
Voltage: 240 V
Power: 460 W

Service: DMX-512 by a dimmer Output: Ø 5 m
Consumables: confetti or paper snow


Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 63 × 63 × 46.5 cm