Rental: Magix FX Stadium Blower

This NEW, non-CO2, all electric confetti blower has a massive output of 15 meters! The STADIUMBLOWER is powered by an extremely powerful but silent electric blower and is DMX controllable. 


This next level confetti machine contains two, individual controllable confetti chambers to create an effect up to 10 minutes and to change the type of confetti during the show. 



– Powerful electric blower, 15m (!) output (no CO2 needed).
– Automatic dosing, no operator needed.
– 2 chambers for 2 different types of confetti.
– Capacity of 4 kg confetti (2x 2 kg).
– Adjustable density of confetti.
– Set your angle: easy adjustable output pipe up to 45 degrees.


Size: 80 x 60 x 131,5 cm
Weight: 104 kg

Additional information

Weight 104 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 131 cm


Magic FX Stadium blower manual.pdf