Rental: Showven Sparkular Spin (BT81), excl. powder

With two 20° angled nozzles and bidirectional rotatable structure, it creates the waltz-like lissome and romantic sparks. With adjustable rotation direction, rotational speed and effect height, SPARKULAR SPIN bring a new visual effect to your events.



– Bidirectional rotatable
– Adjustable rotation speed
– Two 20° angled nozzles generate a waltz-like lissome and romantic sparks effects
– Stainless steel panel, stable and durable
– DMX controllable, 2/4 channels switchable
– Built-in wireless control, easy programming

*For safety, please do NOT touch sparks with hands or other flammable objects.


Model: BT81/BT82

Dimension: 330 x 305 x 349mm

Weight: 20kg